These pages are mostly dedicated to support my work in my psychotherapeutic practice in Bielefeld, Germany and to give information to patients looking for a psychotherapeutic treatment. As my English is by far not good enough to work with english-speaking people, it doesn't make much sense to translate it. Nevertheless to my own astonishment sometimes there are english-speaking visitors of my pages. What could be of interest for them? Two psychotherapeutic techniques which I use frequently are scarcely known in the english-speaking world:

- the "Autogenes Training", apparently called "autogenics" in english, a relaxation technique created by J. H. Schultz in the 20ies. You can compare it to the probably better known "Progressive Relaxation" by Jacobson. Autogenics give the user more freedom to develop his own way. On the other hand, it demands more imaginative ability. You can find some more information about autogenics here (the orgon stuff is not part of the original AT).

- the "Katathymes Bilderleben" developed by Hanscarl Leuner in the 50ies and 60ies, called "Guided Affective Imaginery"(GAI) in English. It's an mostly imaginative technique based on psychoanalytical theory. Scarcely anything to find about it on the net in English, I fear. This is a compilation of articles in English on Guided Affective Imaginery. You can try to get more by writing to . The site of GAI (German).